Dewey DNA Profile your checkouts

It has come to my attention that we have a large number of items being removed from our shelves.  Whoever is doing this is being extremely clever by not removing too many from any one shelf.

I have long harboured suspicions that this is in some way related to all of those people who keep wandering into the Library.  I suspect that our Counter Staff are in cahoots with these so-called “borrowers” as they allow many of them to walk out of the Library unchallenged carrying piles of books.

To aid my investigations of this secretive “Lending Culture”, I have compiled a Dewey DNA Profile of items that were “borrowed” in the last 28 days:

If you wish to create a similar profile for items “borrowed” from your Library, then you may find the Perl deweydna.script can aid you in your sleuthing.

Now, if you will excuse me, I must don my deerstalker hat and re-light my pipe.


Seriously tho, this is kinda inspired by the wonderful “Making Visible the Invisible” at Seattle Public Library.