Twittering the OPAC

I noticed that a few other people have been blogging about how they’re using Twitter within their own library, so here’s how I’ve been (ab)using my Twitter feed… Last year, I set up some data feeds from the library that our students could hook into for their projects. This data includes a file listing […]

More Solr fun

Darn, I should have known I was following in a great man’s footsteps… Anyway, a couple more hours of coding has resulted in this… Hopefully NCSU won’t be setting their lawyers on me (copying is the most sincere form of flattery!), but the prototype has certainly borrowed one or two ideas from their […]

wine + coding + book covers = something

I’ve made something, but I’m not too sure what it really is or if it’s of any use what-so-ever! I started playing around with the “relationships” code (briefly mentioned here) to see what would happen if you selected multiple books and ranked the aggregated suggestions by frequency of appearance. For example, here are 4 O’Reilly […]

Searching for books by the colour of the cover

Iman and Jonathan’s comments on my previous post got me wondering how accurate searching by the average colour of a book cover would actually be… Here’s a quick & dirty prototype: It’s so quick & dirty that you’ll need to enter a hex value for the colour you want to search for (e.g. FF8C00 […]

Keeping an eye on your HIP

As promised to the HORIZON-L mailing list, here’s a Perl script we use to monitor our HIP server: Once you’ve downloaded it, rename the file to In summary, the script checks two URLs and sends an email to one (or more) email addresses if a trigger is reached: (1) the first check is […]

More hot stuff

I’ve just added another widget to the blog: …it shows the new words and hot topics that have appeared in library/librarian weblogs during the last 48 hours, using the data from the tag cloud I knocked together last month. At the moment, the new Apple iPhone is the hottest topic out there. If you want […]